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25 Australian Bridal Designers to say "I Do" in

Are you a classic bride in white? Or is it non-traditional nuptials that represent you the best? Are you a more timeless, A-line bride or a boho-princess with sophisticated embroidery?

When it comes to glamour, effortless beachy style, and contemporary luxury, Australian bridal designers are delivering it all!

A custom-made dress from Australian Bridal Designer J.Andreatta
A custom-made dress from Australian Bridal Designer J.Andreatta

This is a line-up of our favourite Australian bridal designers to make the hunt for the perfect wedding dress a bit easier.

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25. KYHA


Aside from some big names in Australia's wedding scene, there are some fresh Aussie bridal designers that make your guests and partner's head turn even more. No matter what your personal style, these (new) designers are driving the of-the-moment bridal conversation, offering twists on the traditional staples.

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See you on the runway!

Contributor: Patricia Pira



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