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6 Autumn-trends to amp up your cool-weather wardrobe

Although we do love everything about summer, there's just something cool about winter fashion hey! Think about boots, cosy coats and leather that's just too hot to wear in summer.

Here are 6 key pieces you should invest in this season.

And to give you a sneak peek, the trends are going to be long - literally!

1. Tall Orders - High-knee boots

High-knee boots are on the rise—and it’s not hard to see why.

Solid, practical and cool without trying.

High-knee boots are wearable ALL-YEAR AROUND and should soon become your new best friend!

Whether it's a classic boot, rain, riding or cowboy boot, they not only protect you from the cold, they will let you stand on another level.

Download our app to find your new besties!

2. Skirting the issue - Maxi Skirts

They are bombarding our feeds - and shopping cards:

The maxi skirt is back to take her rightful crown!

Denim, cargo, cut-outs or mermaid cut - the options are endless!

*Not going to lie, denim skirts are our absolute fave this season!!

Shop this denim skirt from Agolde and many more here.

3. Take it to the floor - Long coats

Upon studying the runways, a handful of winter coat trends are going to win this season. What they all have in common?

They are long lined!

And to be honest, a good full-bodied coat will keep you engulfed in warmth, whilst whatever you wear underneath will look good anyway.

Hot Tip:

To stay chic in the chill, layer a long coat over a sweat set (sometimes it's what's on the outside that counts)

Find this stunning quilted long coat from Anna Quan and many more Aussie designers here.

4. Smooth Operators - Leather Pants

Whether grunge, punk or french-style, leather pants are absolutely relevant this season.

Look for straight-leg, flared or oversized pants!

Whether faux, real, or vegan, it's the perfect piece to live in - regardless the season! Because leather pants are a must-have in every capsule wardrobe!

Find your new favourite cool-girl essential pants here

5. Get naked - Sheer Dresses

Well, not literally, but this trend is pretty transparent.

Sheer fabrics are having a moment in 2023.

Whether it's a slip dress, mesh top or transparent skirt, there are plenty of ways to own this feminine look and show some skin.

Hot tip:

Style feminine, yet minimalistic intimates underneath. Check out our favourite Australian lingerie brands here.

6. Excess Baggage - Oversized Bag

Again, oversized it super in this season! Swap your mini purse for a massive bag, from totes to slouchy bags.

The bigger the better!

To be honest, this trend can be kind of a big adjustment for mini-bag lovers. BUT see it as an invitation to try something new this season.

And who knows, you may fall massively in love with this trend!

Find the trendy neoprene Odyseey bag from State of Escape among many other brands on our Australian Fashion App.

Take away

Long story short, everything that is oversized is super in this autumn 2023!

For pants, think wide-leg. For jackets, everything from blazers to coats are fair game as long as they’re big. Oversized is the norm in our wardrobes - allowing us to create looks that are powerful, playful and comfortable!

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Love the #AF team,

See you on the runway!

Contributor: Patricia Pira



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