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A growing list of gender-inclusive fashion brands in Australia

Nowadays, terms like unisex, gender diverse and gender-fluid are bringing a more diverse and inclusive vibe, blurring the old lines of gender-based fashion. The demand for genderless fashion is increasing and numerous Australian fashion brands have emerged as champions of gender-inclusive fashion, challenging traditional norms and shaping the future of style.

Let's explore the empowering edit of gender-neutral Australian fashion brands that will inspire you to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Gender-inclusive fashion brands are on the rise in Australia
Gender-inclusive fashion brands are on the rise in Australia

Minming Zhou is a gender-neutral fashion brand that was founded in 2022.

Designer Zhou creates traditional menswear tailoring techniques combined with feminine silhouettes.

His mission is to design androgynous styles that can be worn by both males and females.

Discover Minming Zhou on the Australian.Fashion app

Summi Summi combines the worlds of city flair and relaxed beachy wear in an array of luxe fabrics to suit all shapes and sizes for everyone.

To minimize environmental impact on the planet and to avoid mass production, the label designs only limited runs (once it’s gone there’s no re stock) and ships in certified eco-friendly packaging.

Shop Summi Summi here

Vincent Li is an emerging Australian Fashion brand that creates pieces that blend both the feminine and masculine components of design.

Designer Vincent Li hopes to inspire people, especially men, to be more confident with expressing themselves and be adventurous with their clothing.

Shop Vincent Li here

4. Bonds

Australia's most iconic underwear brand x released a gender-free collection. As a part of "The UnGENderwear Project", Bond aims to strip back gender stereotypes and leaves the freedom to wear whatever underwear garments that feel right to you. Their gender-free range consists of bras, undies, joggers and shorts which will make you feel comfy.

Find Bond on the Australian.Fashion app

Under his mission "Joy for everyone", founder and designer Erik Yvon redefines perceptions of femininity and masculinity. His bold, transeasonal pieces are a dynamic combination of colours, prints, shapes and textures.

As the label continues to expand globally, the designer hopes to continue to share stories of diversity and joy through his unique style and personality.

Learn more about Erik Yvon here

Established in 2014, Hew Clothing lifts wardrobes through soft florals, playful patterns, stirring colour palettes and modern graphics.

Founder and designer Ema Hewitt wanted to create both refreshing and colourful designs for him and her that soon the signature look of the label.

Gary Bigeni is known for their expressive everyday gender-neutral clothing. The Melbourne-based label celebrates size, gender, age and independence through their colourful and playful pieces.

As a beloved figure in the Australian fashion scene, Gary explores gender-free fashion in a new, refreshing way.

Find Gary Bigeni on the Australian.Fashion app

Designed for "Beach Baes and Pool Punks", Double Rainbouu puts a fun and fresh twist to Aussie's lifestyle fashion.

The Sydney-based brand is an antidote to bougie resortwear, designing exclusive unisex pieces.

Discover Double Rainbouu's bold and eccentric pieces on the Australian.Fashion app

Born in uniting 'Genki' with 'Ecstasy', the Sydney-based label represents a state of being in such harmony with ones-self and one’s surroundings that we find our Bliss.

Genkstasy is a fiercely multi-gendered fashion label, working to cater to all beautiful bodies, using sustainable fabrics and ethical practices.

Discover the playful garment of Genkstasy

10. Homie

The Melbourne-based label mixes bold streetwear looks alongside more subdued, easy-to-wear pieces that are all gender-neutral.

Each piece is not only ethically produced, but 100 percent of profits are also donated to support young people affected by homelessness or hardship across Australia.

We love the mission of Homie! Find our more about the brand here.

Designer and content creator Eitan Broude believes fashion has no gender. That's why his brand is entirely genderless, giving you the freedom of what to wear, instead of society.

Eitan Broude doesn't limit their designs, so you don’t have to limit your style.

Explore Eitan Broude on the Australian.Fashion app

There's a rising number of gender-inclusive fashion brands in Australia ...

...and we are absolutely stoked to see how our favourite Australian fashion brands embrace gender inclusivity and thus, redefine perceptions of femininity and masculinity. Read more about the rise of gender-inclusive fashion and our Australian influencers who encourage wearing whatever you want here.

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Love the #AF team,

See you on the runway!

Contributor: Patricia Pira



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