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Good on You: Sustainable designer Sydney Duncan about her electric designs and ethical business

This brand is certainly not a fly-by but an Aussie fashion brand that creates long-lasting impact. With a mission to be fully transparent and using sustainable fabrics and processes, Sydney Duncan intends to leave the planet better than we found it.

Welcome to the world of Sydney Duncan - an industry's change maker that you should keep an eye on!

I started the brand with a desire to create art with function and purpose

Sydney Duncan's Goyo Kimono made from sustainable fibres
Like a Goddess: Sydney Duncan's sustainable kimono

Sustainable designer Sydney Lee Duncan has joined the Australian Fashion fam!

Our team talks about the brand and challenges of the online fashion world with founder Sydney.

Long story short, what has led you to start your brand?

"A desire to create art with function and purpose."

What are you most proud of with your brand?

"That I have taken the time to build a foundation that aligns with my values of environmental sustainability and fashion industry worker rights. It has been an incredibly slow build trying to do things the right way., but now that I’ve launched, and that it’s finally real, I am so tremendously thrilled that I stuck to my guns and didn’t cut corners."

"I envision a brand that give drastically more than it takes"

What are your future goals?

"Long term, I see this company playing a big role in fashion industry reform. I envision a brand that gives drastically more than it takes. I intend on achieving this by expanding my partnerships with other change makers and charitable organisations. As a sustainable designer I also want to amplify important voices in fashion to further draw attention to social, humanitarian, and environmental issues within the industry as well as to be a force for improving them. Said platform currently takes the shape of my new blog, The Fashion Reformer, which is essentially a collection of style tips, conscious fashion advice, and profiles of industry change makers to keep an eye on."

As far as the garments themselves are concerned, I am currently prototyping a new collection of Tencel square scarves featuring bold and surreal hand drawn prints. I plan on leaning into wholesale with these to grow brand awareness, as my current Madonnina scarf has proven to be a best seller.

Aesthetically speaking, I’d like to go bolder! A touch more avant garde with a street style feel.

Okay, let's be honest!

Starting a new brand, especially as a one-woman business, is overwhelming. Founder Sydney talks honestly about the challenges she is facing...

"This first year in business is a lot of test and try. I’m still finding my brand voice and am still back and forth about which niche(s) to lean into, which in itself makes marketing a challenge. As an artist, you want to do and make all the things… as a new born business, that just isn’t practical.

In general, though, marketing as a (currently) self-funded one-woman business is of course challenging. It hardly leaves room for anything else and is quite overwhelming, but I am in the process of streamlining my social media marketing, as well as focusing more on building up my own website’s SEO strength through my blog.

Your favourite fashion quote?

“Wear clothes that matter” - Solitaire Townsend

What are a couple of your best-seller pieces?

My Madonnina Scarf and Kaftan Dress.

Australian-based, worn by celebrities worldwide

"I have had a few of my one-off garments and embroideries featured in music videos including Nashville, Tennessee based music artist Andreas Moss’s “Stop Me” and Australian artist Ben Hazlewood's “Wanted”

To explore Sydney Duncan's amazing designs with long-lasting impact, head here.

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Contributor: Patricia Pira



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