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Make Waves Both On and Off the Beach: The Ultimate Luxury Swim Collection for Your Sexy Date Nights!

Are you tired of bland, basic swimwear that barely lasts a season?

Look no further, our fellow beach babes, because ALK Collection is here to elevate your swim game to the next level.

We design our pieces for fierce humans who dare to stand out for all the right reasons. We create luxury styles that are distinguished, transcending the ordinary, becoming garments to live and love in.

Founded by the fierce duo of Alana Digby and Kirstie Macaulay in the fashion capital of Melbourne, ALK Collection is designed by women for women. These ladies know what they're doing, disrupting the swimwear scene with timeless, classy, chic, and feminine pieces that will make you feel like a total boss.

With numerous influencers and socialites being seen in Alk they are certainly building a cult following with Melbournians falling over themselves to get into the iconic Monica one piece that doubles as a sexy body suit with chic white paints, as seen on @whattesswore in the hunter green along with all the other sexy silhouettes. Another bad ass babe spotted recently was the gorgeous Ava David seen here whilst Dj'ing a the Formula One Grand prix in Melbourne this month partying the evening away in the Peroni Tent.

Combining structural forms with quality fabrics, geometric and organic shapes, and unconventional, unique designs, ALK Collection offers luxury life-wear that can take you from beach to bar and beyond. And the best part? They do it all while keeping sustainability in mind.

Created for life beyond just water, Alk collection pieces are designed to embrace one's natural form, offering comfort and versatility, empowerment and confidence.

But ALK Collection isn't just about making you look good - they want to inspire you too. They're all about empowering women, raising them up to new heights, and creating a community that celebrates achievements, goals, and innate beauty.

With the likes of Lana Wilkinson, Rachel Watts, Pip Edwards, Sophie Cachia, Jordan Ablett, Alex Pike, Bianca Roccisano, Jessi Eli, Tully Humphrey just to name a few, no wonder this brand is exploding and these influential women are being seen around town rocking an Alk piece!

When we asked Co Founder Alana, what led her to here:

" I was fortunate enough to be born and raised in the fashion industry: our family business, Digby’s Boutique. It was all I ever knew. I spent school holidays there and worked my way up into being my father's creative right hand man! This real life experience and being exposed to other prominent industry greats such as Yeojin Bae, Arthur Galan (AG), Dom Bagnato and Jason Grech, coupled back with my tertiary education was really a winning formula. So in that respect, I was very lucky"

The other powerhouse duo Co Founder Kirstie Macaulay brings her design and creative genius to the table to accelerate all things aesthetics and design. A true creative that sees design & marketing with a fresh perspective and a chic fashion eye, these girls were supposed to work together and bring Alk to life, a creative duo match made in heaven.

As if that wasn't enough, ALK Collection is also a founding partner with Australian Fashion. These ladies know how to network and build their brand organically through using strategic PR channels, influencers and organic marketing.

"As a start up brand, we push all our profits back into design and product, we trust that our product will get seen the right ways through the right channels, so when Australian Fashion came along, it was a no brainer to get involved" said Alana.

These savvy business women saw the opportunity with partnering with Australian Fashion, not only supporting their own brand with finding new audience, but supporting the platform with buying Australian Fashion from one place!

"As soon as we saw this APP and opportunity we jumped on it, and are so grateful for the visibility and engagement it has already given us in a short time, this Australian Fashion App is a game changer" mentioned Alana.

Their entrepreneurial story continues...

It doesn't stop there, these two genius women also filled a very much needed booty space to take care of your toosh, with the soon to be released booty shape product Booty Boost Original these women are certainly busy!

They know how to identify a gap in the market and create a product that women need in their life! The ultimate instant booty lift, to perfect your tooshy under any outfit, moving and shaking in the right direction we say!

You will be able to find and buy Booty Boost Original on Australian Fashion APP soon, don't forget to download the app here at Australian Fashion or at the Apple Store, or Google Play.

The entrepreneurial list doesn't end there, Alana is also co-founder with another babe Sonia Gouveia of My Founders Hub. A business that offers end to end solutions based assistance, from product and packaging sourcing, creative, website design and socials with links to capital raising.

Women that are truly making waves and disrupting sectors to show people the HOW in creating and building consumer based business, go follow them at My Founder Hub.

We are proud to partner with Alk Collection, download the Australian Fashion APP now, and shop with them and explore 100's of other Australian Fashion brands we are listing brands daily to explore.

Shop Australian.


Love the #AF team,

See you on the runway!

Contributor: Rebecca Pask


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