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The best Australian menswear brands you should be shopping with

Sometimes it seems that women get to have all the fun when it comes to fashion, but with so many incredible Australian designers creating eye-catching menswear, there’s no excuse for men anymore!

Discover our favourite Australian designers for him that make sure your staple wardrobe essentials are top-notch.

Barney Cools is an Australian lifestyle clothing company boasting a rebellious spirit and an open mind. Inspired by music, surfing and a holiday vibe, the label designs clothes in an iconic Australian way for around the globe.

75% of their garments are produced on recycled fabrics and the label reduces their environmental impact through responsible and ethical practices from the production to delivery of their garments.

Discover Barney Cools on the Australian Fashion App

Industrie Clothing is all about stylish and practical attire combined with masculinity and classic designs for every type of guy. From leisure to the office or a dinner party, Industrie got you covered in the blink of an eye.

As part of the Baptist World Aid, the label is on its way to becoming as transparent and ethically sustainable as possible.

Shop Industrie Clothing here

3. Roler

As a sub-brand of Industrie, Roler Clothing brings sports style to the street. Characterised by minimalist design & comfortable fits, the brand is renowned for its quality, style & authenticity.

Shop Roler Clothing's stylish athleisure here

A luxury clothing brand inspired by sporting greatness, nostalgia, and the continual pursuit of ‘better’. Founder and creative director Lewi Brown established EARLS with a mission to redefine sporting attire and his own identity.

Discover the styles from Earls Collection here

Calibre offers both casual and formal wear from everyday streetwear to formal suits for your dinner event.

The label is known for its iconic tailored silhouettes through which they have revolutionised the contemporary Australian slim cut.

Discover Calibre on the Australian Fashion app

Designed and established in Melbourne, Nana Judy brings a confident, carefree attitude to your wardrobe.

Their collections have a strong design aesthetic, innovative styles and signature staple fits with the highest quality to last.

Shop Nana Judy here

Zanerobe creates considered, contemporary and evolving collections that sit at the centre of a sustainable mindset.

The Australian menswear brand aims to offer style and quality in equal proportions to sustainability, ethical transparency and corporate integrity. Thus, Zanerobe consciously sources materials, hardware and packaging in order to reduce harmful externalities.

Discover Zanerobe on our app

Influenced by vintage aesthetics, underground music and art, Thrills is a culture-defining lifestyle fashion brand.

Their products are vintage Harley inspired garments with timeless silhouettes and a cool twist by their iconic logo.

Find Thrills on the Australian Fashion App

From classic styles to more modern cuts, Neuw Denim's attention to detail and commitment to using only the finest materials make their jeans a must-have for any wardrobe.

Shop your Neuw Denim here

10. Afends

Founded in the small coastal town of Byron Bay, streetwear brand Afends is inspired by surfing and skateboarding culture. Their range includes aesthetic and comfy leisure garments that will last a lifetime and won't cost the planet.

Afends is constantly evolving from range to range, adapting and inspiring future trends and sustainable practices.

Shop Afends here

Jac + Jack started in 2004 with one idea: simply elevating sweaters and t-shirts. Over time the label has evolved to offer everything you need to create a modern wardrobe, defined by style and ease.

The defining style of Jac + Jack's designs is modern, and classic, and are coined by an ongoing high quality with premium fabrics and manufacturers that are real experts in their field.

Shop your new wardrobe essentials here

Just as the name suggests, Staple Superior designs wardrobe essentials that equip men with the basics they need for everyday, effortless style.

Discover the label on the Australian Fashion App

Established by a passionate dedication for denim and a collaboration with local makers, Denim Smith creates the finest denim jeans to be found in Melbourne.

The label takes locally made to a whole new level and commits to ethical production and high-quality denim clothing that last a lifetime.

Shop your new denims here

Ethically sourced from Indonesia and Australia, Merchants of the Sun handcrafts small-batch jewellery from anti-tarnish, recycled silver.

The label designs classics and statement pieces for him and her that complete every outfit.

Get your new set of jewellery here

Whether you are looking for a comfy coffee run or a cool lunch date fit, Five by Flynn has a big emphasis on comfort with style.

The label designs casual and curated wardrobe essentials inspired by the coastal lifestyle.

Explore Five by Flinn now on the Australian Fashion App

One of the best-known footwear brands in the world, R.M. Williams preserves their heritage and Australian spirit and manufactures all their shoes and accessories locally with home-grown excellence.

Aside their high-quality signature boots, R.M. Williams designs classic clothing garments and accessories to make your look complete.

Explore the Australian cult label on the Aussie Fashion app

Australian menswear brands worth knowing...

Whether you are into luxury menswear, streetwear or activewear, there are heaps of options for every type of guy. One thing is for sure, you'll always be dressed comfy and stylish with this curated list of Aussie menswear designers.

We are obsessed #AF!


Love the #AF team,

See you on the runway!

Contributor: Patricia Pira



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