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There is an art to the perfect silk scarf: SoulSilk

Silk Scarves have made their way back into the spotlight - thanks to their endless versatility and being wearable across all seasons! Soulsilk adds a touch of elegance and Parisian flair to your everyday wardrobe.

There is an art to the perfect silk scarf

Colour, texture and functionality, SoulSilk unites everything through the beauty of their handcrafted scarves.

When recently asked what are Soulsilk most proud of..

"We were selected by the Sydney Opera House (SOH) under their ‘Uncovered’ programme in 2019 and was launched in their store Jan 2020.The SOH continues to stock a selection of our Terra Australis collection. To be selected amongst various other applicants in the accessories category nationally, this was a great honour.''

Although this brand is certainly not a fly by, originally born in 1999, they are here to stay, grow and expand.

As a founding partner from Australian Fashion, our team spoke with owner and Designer Simin.

Founder Simin, wearing the Scarlet Memories scarf

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your brand?

"I am a Graphic Designer by qualification, however my love for textiles and especially scarves (I wear them all the time) drew me towards combining my creative skills with textiles. I did a lot of research on what methods I could use to create scarves and came across this wonderful ancient Chinese method of silk painting. This led to SoulSilk taking shape, as it gave me the opportunity to create ‘one of a kind’ pieces."

What makes your scarves so unique?

"All pieces are produced by hand painting and NOT printing - thereby also allowing a larger scope for creativity and slow, mindful working with every collection."

Can you talk us through the inspiration behind your designs?

"I’m inspired by my surroundings, from nature to tribal art forms and from famous painters to my vivid imagination."

What have you found to be the biggest challenges whilst building your brand?

"The biggest challenge is trying to make people understand the concept of “one of a kind”. Most customers think they are buying a PRINT and not a hand-painted luxury product. This is where sales don’t pick up as it’s easier and more affordable to buy mass-produced silk scarves or dresses. Trying to market the concept of ‘Individual Style’ versus fast fashion has become increasingly frustrating.

What are you most proud of with your brand?

"To be selected by the Sydney Opera House "Uncovered program" amongst various other applicants in the accessories' category nationally - this was a great honour."

Silk scarves have made their way back into the spotlight. What are your tips to style the piece?

"A silk scarf is a necessity in any closet – no matter how you intend to showcase it! Worn as a necktie in an ode to the “perfectly undone” elegance of the Parisians, a scarf takes even the simplest outfit to the next level, while twisting it into a headband or tied-up into a hairstyle instantly updates an outfit with a head-turning, contemporary touch. Whichever way you intend to adopt it, be sure to follow one golden rule: don’t skimp on quality!"

What are your future goals?

"I would love to see SoulSilk to be the “Go To” when it comes to silk scarves or an affordable luxury gift. I am also keen to have my Resortwear - By SoulSilk be a sort-after brand for luxury holiday escapes and beach weddings.

What's next for SoulSilk?

"I have recently had the honour of teaching a multi-disciplinary design workshop for students of Bachelor of Textile Design (Semester 2) at a university overseas. The workshop was received with excellent feedback and I have been invited to teach on an ongoing basis as a visiting faculty."

To explore SoulSilk amazing hand-crafted designs, head here.


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We are obsessed #AF!

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Contributor: Patricia Pira



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