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Worldbuilding on the Runway: Exploring Karla Špetić’s Resort Collection at AFW

Worldbuilding, a concept prominently discussed at Australian Fashion Week 2024, encompasses the detailed crafting of a coherent world, incorporating elements like geography, culture, music, and history to bring a space to life. Although typically associated with fictional narratives and fantasy writing, this notion finds tangible expression in fashion design, exemplified by Croatian-born designer Karla Špetić.

At Australian Fashion Week in Sydney, Karla Špetić unveiled her Resort ’25 collection, a testament to her meticulous craftsmanship, seamlessly blending Japanese-inspired aesthetics (from hairstyle to makeup), delicate lace fabrics, and feminine silhouettes. Špetić epitomized this essence of worldbuilding through her designs, bringing her envisioned fantasy to life on the runway with flair and a touch of sexiness.

For Karla Špetić, the creative journey leading to her Resort ’25 collection was a deep dive into the rich tapestry of Japanese culture, as portrayed in the works of masterful filmmakers like Shohei Imamura and Kenji Mizoguchi. This profound immersion in Japanese aesthetics and storytelling was the driving force behind her collection titled “Ikigai: A Reason For Being,” seamlessly adding a layer of depth and intrigue to captivate the viewer.

For those unfamiliar with the intricacies of Japanese culture, one need only envision Uma Thurman’s iconic presence in Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill” to grasp the style and aesthetic references that inspired Karla Špetić. As Karla herself stated, songs from the “Kill Bill Volume 1” soundtrack repeated inside her head while she was designing her collection. This exact rhythmic energy weaved into the fabric of Karla’s designs as she meticulously crafted each piece.

The colour palette for Špetić’s collection was as striking as the designs themselves were daring. Bold hues of black, blue and white dominated the runway, accompanied by powerful injections of what the designer describes as “Tarantino red.” The iconic use of colour gave the garments an electrifying edge, allowing the wearer to achieve new heights of confidence.

Among the collection’s standout features was the effortless transformation of lingerie and lace into resort wear, a true testament to versatility in fashion. Though quite courageous if worn alone, these pieces offer a sense of empowerment in their ability to be used as styling pieces paired under more tailored attire for the modest fashionista.

Throughout Australian Fashion Week, countless attendees showed off sheer garments, with red stockings emerging as an undeniable style trend. At Carriageworks, fashionistas could be spotted sporting sheer stockings paired with mini shorts or undergarments, exemplifying the industry’s need to constantly push the envelope.

As a testament to the collection’s relevance and influence, Špetić’s runway perfectly aligned with the trends seen at Australian Fashion Week. The daring inclusion of Crocs in her designs further exemplified the collection’s sense of confidence and ease, making a resounding statement in the world of Australian fashion. Karla Špetić’s resort collection, ultimately poised for success, promises to capture the hearts of fashion-forward individuals everywhere.


The AF team :)

Melanie Canosa

Australian Fashion Platform: Guest Writer and Photographer

About Melanie Canosa

Melanie Canosa is a passionate freelance journalist and fashion stylist based in Brisbane, Australia. With Argentine heritage and experiences in cities like Sydney and Buenos Aires, she brings a unique blend of cultural insights to her work. Melanie holds degrees in Communication (Journalism) and International Studies from the University of Technology in Sydney, where she also completed an Honours thesis on feminist street protests in Argentina.

Her blog is a digital sanctuary where reflections on fashion, art, and culture come to life. Join Melanie as she shares her sophisticated perspectives and invites you to engage in this stylish journey of stories and style.

Photography and Article by Melanie Canosa

Written for Australian Fashion Platform, Australia’s fastest-growing Fashion app!



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