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The Artistic Expression of Handcrafted Accessories: Axessorize

Bold necklaces, delicate bracelets, statement earrings, intricate embellished headbands, and beaded clutches, Axessorize is where your fashion statement starts

Axessorize, founded in 2020, is a brand that boasts a unique collection of handcrafted accessories sourced globally. The creative duo behind the brand, Louise and Michael Pieri, share a passion for art, culture and design. Together, they aim to create a brand of carefully curated pieces that are both beautiful and accessible to everyone.

Drawing inspiration from Frida Kahlo, vibrant, bold, unique and exotic & timeless.

Louise Pieri, one of the co-founders of Axessorize, has a fascinating background that ignited her creative journey. With previous experience as both a criminologist and a professional figure skater, Louise felt a strong desire for a creative outlet that would enable her to express herself in a distinctive manner.

Latin culture, travel inspiration and a lineage of artists, woven through the offerings.

Louise was surrounded by a lineage of artists on her mother's side, sparking her passion for design and costume making. With her innate talent and skill set, Louise decided to pursue her dreams and use her family's legacy to create something truly special. Having lived in South America and South Beach Florida, her passion for Latin culture is woven into the offering, heavily influenced by her travels abroad.

INSPIRED BY FRIDA KAHLO. Her favourite style icon, Frida Kahlo, is a significant source of inspiration for Louise, particularly in the use of bold statement jewellery, beaded embellishments, and vibrant colours. Drawing on her knowledge, Louise brings together her diverse experiences and her creative heritage to create and curate products that are both unique and timeless.

Image: Supplied Axessorize; Frida; Stock

It takes two to tango, diverse backgrounds that complement success. On the other hand, Michael Pieri spent 20 years in investment banking, working in Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong. His passion for markets, as well as his expertise in commerce and technology, combined with Louise's artistic vision, makes for a dynamic partnership that brings together complementary skills. Their partnership has allowed the brand to grow with goals of expanding globally, bringing their unique creations to the world stage.

Ethical and sustainable practices at the core. The brand's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices is evident in every aspect of its operations. From using eco-friendly packaging to supporting fair-trade practices, Axessorize is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. Their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices aligns with the values of many consumers, who are increasingly conscious of the impact their purchases have on the environment.

FOUNDING PARTNERS, Let's do this It is no surprise that Axessorize recognised the opportunity of joining Australian Fashion as a Founding Partner, as a growing brand with big goals they saw the opportunity to add to their organic marketing plan and seek new audience through the Australian only shopping APP.

They are always so generous with their offerings with flash sales and discount offerings to the Australian Fashion platform shoppers, again, another match made in heaven as their accessories compliment all the other fashion brands listed!

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Race day, cocktail, luncheons and more, celebs being spotted regularly shining in Axessorize.

The bold colours, glitz and highlight pieces to create a statement outfit, has not gone unnoticed by many local Australian celebs with the likes of Melbourne beauty Rebecca Judd showcasing stunning blue hues of the statement rhinestone headpiece throughout a Melbourne Cup Day event.

With affordable price points and wearable designs, there are pieces to suit everybody,

Follow Axessorize socials here to stay up to date.

In conclusion, our growing obsession with Axessorize

Is a brand that embodies creativity, sustainability, and ethical practices. Axessorize's success is well deserved, and we can expect to see more of their unique creations in the future. With their collections always on trend and growing, and the recent addition of stocking Olga Berg Bags has provided us a one stop accessory shop!

We are obsessed #AF!

Shop Axessorize today, download the APP.

Shop Australian.


Love the #AF team,

See you on the runway!

Contributor: Rebecca Pask


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