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Be a change maker this Christmas; i=Change

'Tis the season to give back with i=Change

At The Australian Fashion Platform, it's no secret that we are driven by supporting the fashion industry across numerous channels, although at a time like this, in a world that we are witnessing so much pain, sadness, & loss, we don't want to feel helpless.

So we reached out to our collaboration partners to chat with them about i=Change and how we can help spread the word of showing brands, retailers and designers a way that they can help the collective in such a time of need.

"In times like these we can feel so helpless, you may be thinking how could I help, I am only one person?, but the key is in the collective mindset shifting to 'what can I do to help', and finding i=change makes that impact so easy to create." Rebecca Pask CSO Australian Fashion

So grab a coffee, start scrolling and see how this amazing organization could offer your brand an opportunity to create change, or help those in need over this Christmas season.

All we ask from you.... spread the word, chat to your favourite brands, ask them if they are partnered with i=change, and together you / we can all make a difference this season, whether you are a consumer, or a retailer, let's pull together and align with projects in need.

Enter; i=Change

The holiday season is fast approaching and it seems like every fashion retailer is offering a promotion at this time. How can you set yourself apart?

The solution: shoppers are increasingly seeking purpose-driven experiences. When you give back to accelerate positive social and environmental impact through i=Change, there is an opportunity to navigate the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hype.

How can you do this? Increase your giving, talk to related impact days and share your purpose across your channels instead of discounting.

i=change helping disaster and conflict areas

What is i=Change?

i=Change is a cause-marketing tech platform, designed to be a simple powerful way to address your ESG & sustainability, drive growth & loyalty.

Commit to giving back a $ amount from every sale and engage your customers to choose where it goes. Our platform allows you to select up to 3 NGO projects to support with the flexibility to increase your giving and switch your projects in line with upcoming impact days.

We forward 100% of retailer’s donations to the chosen development projects. i=Change does not deduct any fees from donations, nor charge our NGO partners any fees to be a funding recipient. We partner with world class NGOs like UN Women, UNHCR, Seabin Foundation, Save the Children and more.

A high proportion of projects we support are committed to the development of women and girls. This is because their empowerment is proven to be one of the greatest drivers of economic growth and social stability globally.

Investing in women generates some of the highest possible returns. Whilst we support other projects focused on mitigating the effects of climate change, i=Change is proudly focused on the empowerment of women and girls and helping unleash their potential

Thriving with purpose-driven consumers

Historically, factors like price, convenience, and quality drove buying decisions. Yet, the pandemic reshaped this landscape. A recent Porter Novelli study found that 89% of executives believe that purpose-led companies hold a competitive edge in today's marketplace. Consumers now demand more from brands – a shared mission and a chance to make a difference with their purchases. In response, businesses can redefine their holiday marketing strategies.

“i=Change makes is simple and seamless to give back. We’ve noticed a significant improvement in customer engagement. We’re proud of our brand and what we contribute to the world, which now adds up with every sale.” Tom Kirkhope, Co-founder, Alias Mae

Unlocking your impact potential during our Season of Giving

From October to December, we celebrate the Season of Giving, marked by various impact days. As an i=Change business, you can amplify conversions, engagement, and your impact. Encourage your customers to shop as usual, but with the added gift of giving to a charity of their choice.

Upcoming campaigns: Shop for Change 2024

i=Change’s International Women’s Day campaign, Shop for Change, is back in 2024, where we feature the businesses giving back to empower women & girls.

In 2023 we partnered with Clarins, Ginger & Smart, Bec + Bridge, Camilla & others to feature their support of women & girls.

What is Shop for Change?

It is an impact-focused online shopping event launching International Women’s Day (8-10 March 2024) for 3 days. Participating retailers will give back $3 from every sale. No discount but a simple call to action to: Shop for Change.

The last four years has seen a fast-paced shift in consumer behaviour. In this fragile time, we’re shopping brands that reflect our values; creating social impact or driving environmental sustainability to mitigate climate change.

We expect retailers to create impact – be part of the solution – have an authentic purpose beyond product. As purpose drives growth, this is a powerful opportunity for brands to increase relevance and resilience. Incorporating giving – and its impact – into your storytelling with inspiring content, drives engagement & conversions.

Now it's your turn; Together we can help and create change.

So there we have it, if you are a consumer, you have the ability to become conscious of where you shop and how they are supporting those in need, or if you are a retailer, jump on board and have a look at the projects that you would like to align with.

There is no need to feel helpless, when so many others are suffering, there are ways that we can all help, so let's get behind spreading the word of i=change and create the change we want to see in the world.

You can also find i=Change through The Australian Fashion APP, click below, check out all the brands that you can shop from that are creating change.

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Blog contributors,

Chantelle Lay - i=Change

Rebecca Pask - CSO Australian Fashion

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