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Unleashing the Power of Marketing for Australian Fashion in a Crowded Marketplace

Founding Partners recognising the power of the platform.

Fashion marketing is a huge ball game, and when it comes to marketing online in Australia it can be a challenging task. With so many established brands and new competitors popping up every day, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and reach your target audience effectively.

The digital age has brought about a significant shift in the way we shop and brands must adapt their marketing strategies to keep up. However, with the right approach, even small fashion brands with limited resources can carve out their place in the online marketplace and build a loyal customer base.

In this blog post, we'll explore the key ways that The Australian Fashion APP is here to disrupt these challenges and how becoming a Founding Partner OR having a basic listing can offer some viable and valuable solutions.

Expand your audience, spend less; Fashion Marketing at it's best

The online shopping scene is a jungle, and small brands can get lost in the vines of advertising, influencer marketing, and hefty marketing budgets from the big players.

We realized that something was missing: a way for shoppers to discover NEW brands and explore designers they wouldn't otherwise know about. So, we made discovering new brands the hottest trend since the 1990's hyper colour T-shirts... lol.

Social media is one thing, but having a targeted APP that captures engaged audience is another thing, marketing to fresh eyes, a platform dedicated to supporting the Australian Fashion industry and shoppers is the latest and most innovative way to shop online.

We're all about supporting the underdogs, after all. We know how hard designers work, with small teams and even smaller marketing budgets. All their creativity goes into fashion, leaving little for marketing. So, how can new customers find them without breaking the bank on word-of-mouth, big-time influencers, or expensive ads?

Enter ......... The Australian Fashion Platform—the fastest-growing online shopping destination that offers solutions to all these problems. With us, you can expand your audience and decrease your marketing budget

A fashion designer measuring garments
Australian Fashion Designers

Get discovered and promoted in a new way

With resources that are first and foremost here to help promote your Australian Fashion brand to the eyes of a new audience, the marketing opportunities are endless:

  1. Increase your brand's visibility to a wider audience. Australian Fashion App is fast becoming the popular destination for people interested in fashion, with all categories listed from women's, men's children's, formal to casual, accessories and everything in between, it's like an entire shopping center at your fingertips.

  2. Offer shoppers exclusive discounts and offers that promotes your brand within the APP, attract new customers to then drive loyalty and return customers.

  3. Promote your seasonal events, let us help you create a buzz around your next band event, target your event to targeted audience within the APP, we can offer pre-sale tickets, social media highlights and so much more to get your tickets sold fast with engaged audience.

  4. WE DO NOT FAVOUR! We love all our brands, no body gives us cash to be at the top of the listings, the benefit of listing your brand offers you an even playing field, with an unbiased search engine, brands are constantly rotated each time you refresh the APP, therefor your brand will continue to pop into the the eyes of new customers!

After years of market research and talking to retailers we knew that marketing was their largest challenge, we are ready to disrupt this!

Marketing as a self funded one woman business is of course challenging. It hardly leaves room for anything else and is quite overwhelming

- Sydney Duncan

Sydney Duncan, sustainable fashion designer, sydney
Sydney Duncan Fashion Designer

When we decided to create an edge for retailers to really lean into the features and future benefits of the APP we opened up the opportunity for designers or retailers to join as Founding Partners. Offering them even more resources for life* to use within the app. Many jumped at this opportunity, although it is a limited time only.

Becoming a Founding Partner (only available until 31s July) offers you all the bells and whistles for less than a fraction of your average marketing budget. Don't forget as we grow, so does your audience and opportunity, joining us a Founding Partner offers you the perks for life!

What's involved?

Retailer listing kit with brand listings for Australian Fashion
Australian Fashion retail listings

Join the family, become a Founding Partner

For just $250 you can join us for life and receive all the perks with marketing your brand on the APP and across our socials.

  1. All basic listing features

  2. Featured logo on listing

  3. Founding Partner badge to stand out on the app

  4. Social media highlights

  5. 2 free discount codes listings

  6. 2 free event listings

  7. AF Blog feature

  8. AF database EDM mentions

  9. Pre test ability to test new tech as we release it

Getting in at grass roots as a Founding Partner gives you the opportunity to grow your audience as we rapidly grow our platform.

The fastest growing shopping platform, Australian Fashion App
Australian Fashion APP

It's in the data, we know we are on the right track, providing Fashion marketing for less.

Did you know that already in the first 8 weeks since we launched our socials... we have:

  • reached over 20k accounts through our Instagram

  • listed over 500 brands across all categories

  • over 130+ App downloads in the first 5 days

Data doesn't lie, this app has been proven already it is what the industry needs and what shoppers want. A place to discover and shop new brands

For the entire Retail Listing kit download here, this is all the information you need to get listed and start receiving your marketing perks!

This app is amazing, and exactly what the fashion industry needs to support it. I'm blown away with the future plans of it and can't wait to see it unfold.

On location brand shoot
Australian Fashion Marketing team

Image: The Australian Fashion Marketing team bringing brands to life @paskmedia ; @brnofilm & @harrie.miller

Loved by brands, obsessed by shoppers, this is Australian Fashion.

It's time to get listed and shop, see below:

Shop Australian.


Love the #AF team,

See you on the runway!


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