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Let's face it, marketing your fashion brand online can be hell, 3 solutions we have for you.

Endless visibility challenges, endless algorithm changes, bottomless money pitts, only to continue to get lost online...... that's not a high vibe :(



Let's face it, marketing and visibility are tough nuts to crack for fashion brands. You've got competition coming at you from every angle, a limited budget to work with, and the ever-changing whims of consumers to contend with on top of innovative technology moving at the speed of light.

But fear not, dear fashion fam!

The Australian Fashion APP is here to help.

Here are 3 challenges that you might be facing, and 3 ways that the Australian Fashion APP is providing solutions:

Challenge #1: Limited budget for advertising

Solution: Who needs a budget when you've got the Australian Fashion Platform brand directory APP?

We're all about providing cost-effective solutions for brands to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience. Exactly what our Brand Directory is designed to do. No need to break the bank on expensive advertising campaigns when you can create a profile and list your products on our APP for free (until Jan 1st 2024, then directory only listings will be $99 annual subscription)

Challenge #2: Standing out in a crowded market

Solution: We've got your back, fashion fam. With our sleek and stylish easy to use APP design, the Australian Fashion APP makes it easy for your brand to stand out in a crowded market.

With unbiased screen refresher, brands are constantly rotating to give all brands equal visibility to new customers!

Plus, in our following release stages with our intuitive search function and curated collections make it easier for shoppers to find exactly what they're looking for, similar to using Instagram, hashtag search, our social platform is easy to use and will help your brand to become discovered by a new audience.

Consider us to be the equivalent of 'Instagram, The Iconic & Fashion TV' all having a baby together resulting in the AUSTRALIAN FASHION APP !!

Challenge #3: Keeping up with changing consumer trends & tech innovation

Solution: Ain't nobody got time for that, stop running and searching, we are here, here is a BRIEF outline of whats happening in the AF world in coming months.

Stage 1. - will deliver the non biase brand directory app, that will over time produce data to help customers find you through intuitive shopping.

Stage 2, 3, 4 & 5 - is where the magic really starts to happen.

With the introduction on Innovative Technology for brands to test, try and use.

With the introduction of AI being used for the consumer and brands advantage

With Virtual Try On apps (PUCTTO) allowing customers to try bfore they buy, increasing conversion rates and decreasing returns and waste of $$$ and rubbish!

Now, we can't divulge all of the information just yet as our teams are busy busy BTS brigning this all to life for you. But trust us, this platform is what the Australian Fashion Industry was asking for.

Supporting Australian Fashion, by Australians.


HOWDY PARTNER, what's the perks?

For a limited time only you have the opportunity to become an exclusive Australian Fashion Founding Partner.

Founding Partners receive perks for life, with a small one off investment of $249, you will receive all of the below, plus more as we evolve and release next stages.

  • Directory listing

• Directory Listing account management setup

• Directory listing artwork

• Listing links to your online store

• Social media marketing highlight

  • Access to pre-release platform

  • Official 'Founding Partner' badge

  • Official 'Founding Partner' listing – for life*

  • Artwork logo kit from AF to place onto your website and socials

  • Opportunity to be part of the official testing group

  • Test new tech features

  • Inclusion in promotional campaigns

Get featured, Get found, Be seen in the #AF Scene

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The #AF Team

See you on the runway!



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